Monday, May 3, 2010

48HFP: Carrot Muffins and Apple Crisp

Last weekend, our house played host to a 48 Hour Film Project team, who, between Friday and Sunday night, wrote, shot, and edited a short film, incorporating an assigned prop, character, and line.

I volunteered for craft services, so I was catering for fifteen through the weekend. The film crew mostly had separate groceries, but some farm share carrots and apples snuck into their snacks.

The carrot-raisin-walnut muffins were a recipe from the Sun-Maid website, and I thought they were uncommonly good for an Internet recipe. I tried to make the muffins more substantial by using half whole-wheat flour, substituting brown sugar for white, and adding walnuts and allspice. For portability, I omitted the glaze.

I was less excited by how the apple-crisp-from-the-Internet turned out, but we had four big yellow farm share apples that were a little soft for eating but just right for baking. And! I was super excited about using Jack's mandolin slicer for the first time.

(And the film: "Balance," directed by Jack, will premiere tomorrow -- Tuesday, May 4 -- along with eleven other 48HFP films, at the Kendall Square Cinema, in the 7pm group.)


  1. Just wanted to thank you guys for this wonderful blog!! I have the same CSA and it's so helpful when I have too many carrots or potatoes... or just don't know how to cook some unusual vege!

  2. Thanks, srhines! Would love to hear what you're cooking, too. :-)