Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Asian adventures

We weren't sure what this was when we pulled it out of the crisper, but washed and trimmed, it looked young and fresh and tasty.

(Later research suggests that it's tatsoi, and that mixing it with our one little bunch of baby bok choy was a reasonable choice. Less well-thought-out might have been our addition of two handfuls of leftover spinach. We stir-fried all the greens with lots of garlic and oil, a la our favorite dandelion green preparation.)

Meanwhile, we stopped by the Reliable Market, a little Asian grocery in Union Square in Somerville. We successfully resisted buying a ten-pound bucket of kimchi, flying fish roe, dried powdered honey, and any number of mysterious items with cute cartoon characters on the packages and no English labeling whatsoever.

We did not successfully resist buying (extremely inexpensive!) exotic mushrooms.

These are, clockwise from bottom right, enoki mushrooms, beech mushrooms, and an unidentified variety.

We stir-fried them all pretty simply. (If we got more, I'd like to try this recipe, which steams the mushrooms with tofu.)

Greens and mushrooms were served alongside brown rice and oven-crisped breaded tofu sticks.

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