Friday, April 15, 2011

Recipe-Free Cooking: The Skillshare

This weekend is the Boston Skillshare (Facebook event)!

Amid the hoop dancing, radical spreadsheeting, and roadkill arts and crafts, I'll be teaching "Recipe-Free Cooking: A No-Fear Guide to Using Your CSA":
Cooking without recipes is both subversive and liberating, and it doesn't have to be scary. It lets you cook with the food you have on hand or that is cheap/fresh/ethical/local/[whatever value is important to you].

One qualm people have when signing up for a CSA is that they'll get lots of unfamiliar vegetables that they don't know how to cook (or too much of the same vegetable that they don't like to eat). We'll explore a few simple formulas for embracing the serendipity of the farm share (or your farmers' market) and talk about improvising quick, easy, delicious food with whatever ingredients you have on hand.

To the extent our setup allows, we'll do some hands-on no-fear cooking. If you want, bring a vegetable for us to use.
I'm still working on my lesson planning, so questions and suggestions gratefully accepted. I'll also be posting my notes for the class here.

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