Saturday, January 15, 2011

When Good Vegetarians Go Bad

How bad is it when we don't have a CSA? Not to be melodramatic, but our vegetarian co-op had hot dogs for dinner twice last week.

 (Let me be the first to admit that not having fresh farm-grown organic vegetables delivered to your door weekly is a first-world problem. Even a Davis Square hipster problem. Possibly not even the largest stressor facing our house at the moment ... which also partially helps explain the hot dogs.)

Anyway, what I really want to tell you is that we picked up our first box from Red Fire Farm's Deep Winter CSA yesterday, and we are thrilled to be back in vegetable business again. Having gotten a bit out of the peel, chop, and roast habit, though, the first thing we cracked into was the jar of Real Pickles.

These are serious dills, coming in enormous spears. If you're accustomed to vinegar pickles, the fermentation method used on these makes for a very different pucker. How excited are we about them? Sara gave her boyfriend one for breakfast this morning, and he grabbed the jar back out of the refrigerator to read the ingredients and try to deconstruct them for home replication.

And ... when my housemates wanted me for urgent house business this morning, they had to pull me away from snapping pictures of our newly acquired giant rutabaga and celeriac in a snowbank, so I think a full recovery to usual vegetable-loving form is likely.

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