Friday, July 30, 2010

Saag Callaloo

It's entirely possible that I got excited about making this dish only because I wanted to type these two nonsense words together: saag! callaloo!

Saag is an Indian spinach dish (essentially pureed spinach and spices), and callaloo, of course, is that spinach-like green we've gotten in the box before. Making one into the other was a pretty quick and easy process: fry onions and Indian spices; add the greens and water and bring to a boil; whizz in the food processor; and stir in some yogurt or cream.

I used this recipe, which I admire mostly for the numerous variations described at the end. Add fresh cheese or tofu for saag paneer, cooked potatoes for saag aloo, or chickpeas, as we did, for chana saag.

(Jack, next time can we try making paneer?)

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