Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I woke up hot and grumpy this morning, looked to see what light summery vegetables we had left from last week's CSA, and found ... red potatoes.

It seems like we ate a lot of potatoes over the winter (you may remember potato week), and I was feeling pretty uninspired about a summery preparation for our Tuesday potluck crowd.

But Jack, who is never grumpy, said "chives and sour cream," and voila, a tasty start on dinner.

I did use the oven (sorry, housemates!), but in concession to the weather (okay, laziness), I only followed half the instructions in the recipe.

So, yes on roasted potatoes. (I halved them because I like to see some brown on my vegetables if I'm going to use the oven in 90 degree weather.) And yes on snipping some chives into the sour cream.

I skipped the smoked salmon (which I bet is tasty) and the rice-wine-marinated cucumber (which seemed more than a little odd, but potentially interesting).

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  1. Potato salad! You can't get more summery!