Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fried Lettuce

We're still working on a backlog of vegetables from the holidays, and lettuce is, as always, the slowest going.

... so I think you will understand how amazing it is when I tell you that our house ate two heads of lettuce in one meal.

I'm willing to cook salad greens to reduce their volume, but I draw the line at lettuce. You can't cook lettuce!

Fortunately, some of my housemates are not so into boundaries. Jack says you can cook lettuce the way you cook dandelion greens. So, we did:

Cook some garlic in lots (lots! no, really, more than that) of olive oil. Add two heads of roughly chopped romaine lettuce and cook until wilted. Dress with soy sauce and ... whatever else you like.

That seemed too easy, so we garnished it with some sunflower seeds (toasted in a pan with chili powder) and sliced radishes (sauteed with butter and ground ginger).

Serve over brown rice.

If I hadn't known it was lettuce, I would have believed it was bok choy or one of the million varieties of Chinese greens.


  1. YAY!!! We've been wondering what to do with all our lettuce... thank you!

  2. Did you try cooking it, black.of.the.woods? I'm curious whether our recipe is replicable. Thanks for the comment! :-)

    Teresa (post author)