Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fond of Fondue

I'd like to tell you that our descent into 1970s kitsch had to do with clearing lots of vegetables out of our fridge before the holiday. But honestly, it was more about (1) a shopping miscommunication that resulted in our having twice as much cheese as planned, and (2) the impracticality of returning the borrowed fondue pot with its base still full of methylated spirits.

We did eat lots of vegetables with it, though!
  • broccoli (raw)
  • snap peas (raw)
  • green beans (raw)
  • apples (cut into chunks, raw)
  • butternut squash (cubed, roasted)
  • sweet potatoes (cubed, roasted)
  • potatoes (quartered, roasted)
The fondue is the cheddar tomato fondue from Epicurious, basically melted cheddar and half a can of diced tomatoes. (Some sous chefs were skeptical about the tomatoes right up to the point when they tasted it.)

Best visitor comment: "I don't know why we don't eat things you get to stab with a long fork more often."

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